Meet the (future) Sweetsers//Big Island Engagement Photographer


Ladies + Gentlemen,

introducing the (future) Sweetsers <3 !!

They were just two people living out their destiny, which led them to dance into each others lives (literally).

Congratulations lovebirds!t1 t2 t3

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Kela & Dan//Big Island Photographer

We took these photos this spring to celebrate Kela & Dan’s one year anniversary together. I thought now would be the best time to showcase these beauties as they have recently gotten engaged! Kela is one of my dear childhood friends from Hawai’i and first met Dan on a missions trip in Fiji…fast forward a couple years and countries later, they are to wed in 2014. CONGRATULATIONS you guys!! I love love & I love you both, cheers to many, many, MANY happy years together.

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