Freitas Ohana|Big Island Family Photography

I was there when they first met and didn’t like each other….

I was there when sparks began to fly….

I stood beside them as they pledged their lives to one another….

And then they moved to Brazil. Had a baby….and finally came to their senses and came home so I could meet their precious little girl ;-).

Love you guys!

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Oh Canadaaaaa…

I had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful family last year and I was blessed to visit them again this year. They are wonderful people full of life and laughter. Their only daughter just graduated and is headed off to school in Australia. All the best on your journey Victoria, we know you’ll do great things! You’ve got a great team cheering you on ; ) PS She has two brothers that are cheering her on as well 😉

Happy Father’s Day!

A couple weeks ago I had a 12 hour layover in the bustling city of Sydney, Australia. Naturally, I arranged a photoshoot with long time friends Simon&Stacey and their adorable kiddos. Today is father’s day in Aussie, so I thought I’d share some photo goodies with ya’ll. I lovelovelove seeing father’s with their children!

Happy Father’s Day to all you southern hemisphereans!

p.s. I just had to throw in a piccy of my oh-so-amazing father. Who cares that we celebrate father’s day in June, he is an amazing father & friend. I wouldn’t have been able to ask or think up someone so wonderful. I’ve got Jesus to thank for that 😉

“Beside every great man, is a great woman.”

Come on now, he couldn’t have had these cute kids alone! 😉

my daddy&i.