Happy Father’s Day!

A couple weeks ago I had a 12 hour layover in the bustling city of Sydney, Australia. Naturally, I arranged a photoshoot with long time friends Simon&Stacey and their adorable kiddos. Today is father’s day in Aussie, so I thought I’d share some photo goodies with ya’ll. I lovelovelove seeing father’s with their children!

Happy Father’s Day to all you southern hemisphereans!

p.s. I just had to throw in a piccy of my oh-so-amazing father. Who cares that we celebrate father’s day in June, he is an amazing father & friend. I wouldn’t have been able to ask or think up someone so wonderful. I’ve got Jesus to thank for that 😉

“Beside every great man, is a great woman.”

Come on now, he couldn’t have had these cute kids alone! 😉

my daddy&i.