K+M Engagement

Two people that are very dear to my heart ~ 

He’s from New Zealand.

She’s an American Kiwi, Samoan/USA blood, bred in Hawaii raised in NZ.

They met in Spain. Loved throughout the nations.

And now they’ve both made it back to this little rock in the middle of the ocean to pledge their lives to one another forever…..

A modern day fairytale.

Senior Portraits.

I was never really a huge fan of senior portraits. I always thought they came out a lil on the tacky side. Then I was asked by John’s mom who I had only met once. I agreed but as the day drew nearer for the shoot my nerves started tweakin out a bit. I thought, I’ve never done senior pics! What if I can’t pull off the “look”. Nevertheless our scheduled photo adventure arrived + I gave it my best shot. Shooting with John and his mom was a blast. I’m not sure if I achieved the “look” by senior portrait standards but John is happy, I’m happy + that’s all that matters to me :)